Best water parks in Orlando

Find out which are the best water parks in Orlando, to cool off on the hottest days in the sunny state of Florida! Below, we explain everything about Orlando’s water parks, indicate the main ones and give several tips to enjoy them:

Best water park in Orlando

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1. Disney’s Blizzard Beach Orlando

Disney has two water parks which are Disney Blizzard Beach Park and Disney Typhoon Lagoon Park. Blizzard Beach is the smallest, being more indicated for families with children, and even having some attractions that adults can only enter if to take care of their child, who will enjoy the attraction. Its looks like a ski resort, so you can even use cable cars to move by the park. In fact, it is in this park that Slush Gusher is located, one of the tallest water slides in the world.

Disney's Blizzard Beach Orlando

2. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Orlando

Disney Typhoon Lagoon Park is the largest, oldest and most popular Disney water park, and also one of the most diverse you’ll find out there. The theme of this park is constructed like a typhoon passed and left a beach upside down – its symbol is a ship that was “stranded” on the top of a mountain. Typhoon Lagoon has several different attractions, always with water, including an aquatic roller coaster. This park also has a swimming pool with giant artificial waves, in addition to other options more drawn to the family side, with slides, floater rides and the famous souvenir shops.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Orlando

3. Volcano Bay in Orlando

Universal’s newest park, Volcano Bay replaced the Wet ‘N’ Wild park and is inside the Universal area. There are several slides and pools in the park, for all people. The highlight of the park is the huge Volcano in the center of the area, with 61 meters. It has waterfalls, jets of water and various lighting effects! Outside the volcano, you will find the park’s main attraction: called Krakatau, it is an aquatic roller coaster, in which you descend in a floater for four people. It’s one of the best water parks in Orlando!

Volcano Bay in Orlando

4. Aquatica water park in Orlando

Aquatica park is one of the best water parks in Orlando and is in the same group as the giant SeaWorld. It has several water toys and incredible attractions: in total there are 35 water slides, 5 swimming pools, one with a wave, more than 5 thousand meters of beach and six incredible rivers. In addition to radical attractions and rides, Aquatica has landscapes and natural beauty that impress visitors a lot. The park is located on Orlando’s famous International Drive, one of the city’s main avenues, and it’s worth booking an entire day on your itinerary to enjoy it a lot.

Aquatica water park in Orlando

At Aquatica you’ll find various water toys to cool off, slip, be thrown and enjoy a lot of speed and excitement. On the other hand, it is somewhat reminiscent of Discovery Cove water park, for its natural attractions such as rivers and beaches, and for having a huge diversity of marine species and allowing visitors to observe and even interact with animals.

5. Discovery Cove Orlando

Discovery Cove Park is especially remembered for promoting dolphin swim, but the truth is that there are many incredible attractions to discover in it. It has  natural pools so you can swim with rays and fishes, aquariums, oases of plants and much more. The Discovery Cove park in Orlando is one of the most interesting, and therefore one of the most expensive.

Discovery Cove Orlando

That’s because it has the All Inclusive style, so you don’t even need to take money on the day of the visit, since the food and equipment (towel, swimmer’s clothing and special sunscreen to not affect the local fauna and flora) are already included in the value of the ticket. The visit is recommended especially during the summer, as the park’s waters are cool.

6. Legoland Water Park

Right next to Legoland is the Legoland Water Park, a water park for families with children. It offers fun in lighter toys, for everyone to cool off and enjoy a lot. Each of its attractions is geared to a certain age, but in addition to the little ones, adults also have a lot of fun. It offers water slides, swimming pools, among others, and some of them include lego pieces for you to assemble. And to dine, this water park has restaurants for all tastes. During your visit, take a tima at the Surf Shop, a store of clothes and bath accessories of Lego brand.

Legoland Water Park

7. SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld in Orlando is one of the best parks in the city, and it’s worth a visit. There is the famous roller coaster Manta, which imitates the movement of a stingray, and Mako, a roller coaster quite radical. There is also the Kraken, the largest roller coaster in the city, the dolphin and whale shows, an attraction where you can get a close look at the penguins etc. The park is very nice, with attractions for children, young people and adults.

SeaWorld Orlando

Tips to make the most of your trip to Orlando

Now that you’ve seen everything about the best water parks in Orlando, a great tip that makes the difference on your trip is to choose the location of your hotel. Orlando is a big city, and it’s so much better to stay in a region close to the main tourist spots. See our article best areas to stay in your trip to Orlando to learn about the best regions to stay there and how to get a great hotel for an excellent price (and find good deals). You will stay in the best region, close to the parks and outlets, and enjoy even more your trip!

Lake Eola Park in Orlando

Orlando’s parks, outlets and tourist spots are very far apart, which is why the tourists always choose to rent a car in the city. With a car, you will be able to enjoy your trip even more, visiting everywhere and shopping with peace of mind. If you want, see our article how to rent a great and cheap car in Orlando, where we give you every information that you need to know about this subject, with tips about how to find unique prices using comparators. It ‘s much cheaper than people think, and it is worth it because Orlando is definitively a city to explore by car.

How can I use my phone in Orlando?

Being able to use your cell phone on your trip is something extremely useful. With it working, you can search about all the spots, access the discount coupons and park apps, check the weather and even use the GPS, saving the rent of this equipment for the car. Besides, of course, being connected to the various social networks!

Using your mobile at Orlando

We have selected the best tips about how to use your phone in Orlando, in which we indicate the cheapest way to use it all day long and anywhere in the entire country. With the mobile internet, you can search everything about the best water parks in Orlando!

Where is the cheapest place to buy Orlando tickets?

Many people don’t know where (and even when) to buy Disney and Orlando tickets. We’ve done a lot of research and find out where is the cheapest place to buy Orlando parks tickets. We always buy our tickets there! It’s where you’ll find the best prices and where you can buy all the tickets, for all the parks and attractions at once, in the same place.

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