Best tips to explore Miami malls and outlets

See all the biggest and best tips to explore Miami malls and outlets, for shopping and enjoying your trip even more. Miami has an enormous amount of stores, outlets and malls spread throughout the city, which are open EVERY day of the week. It will not be difficult to find a good place to do your shopping. Check now which are the best, among them:

Dolphin Mall in Miami

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1) Outlet Sawgrass Mills Miami

Miami has the largest and best outlet in the entire United States, which is the Sawgrass Mills Miami Outlet. It is the best place to shop in Miami and is about 50 km from the tourist center of the city, in Fort Lauderdale. It has more than 360 stores, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it there. Spend a whole day shopping there, as it is really huge and has incredible promotions and discounts.

Outlet Sawgrass Mills Miami

Sawgrass Mills is in the top of the list of the best malls and outlets in Miami, being the second most visited tourist attraction in Florida. It has stores like Adidas, American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Nike, Forever 21, The Body Shop, Converse, Diesel, Michael Kors, GAP, H&M, MAC, Prada, Primark and more!

Outlet Sawgrass Mills Miami interior

The prices of this outlet are already very good, when compared to other places. But you can find even better discounts! On the outlet official website, you can print discount coupons for your favorites stores. Just click here and check all the offers, right on their website.

Outlet Sawgrass Mills Miami coupons

If you’re already in Miami or don’t want to print your coupons right now, you can also go to the customer service center inside the Sawgrass Mills Outlet and pay a few dollars for a discount book they offer. Even if it’s paid, it is worth it (if you have not previously printed the coupons). The coupons on site are usually different from the coupons in the book, so you can also use the two forms of discount if you think it’s worth it.

2) Dolphin Mall Miami

Another good option for shopping in Miami is the Dolphin Mall Miami Mall, which has just about every store you can imagine, and the advantage of being close to downtown Miami. There are more than 200 store options of clothes and accessories, with brands like Michael Kors, Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Hilfiger. It also has several options for restaurants and fast foods, as well as a cinema and a bowling alley for you to have fun.

Shopping Dolphin Mall Miami

Despite being a mall, Dolphin Mall is considered by many to be an outlet because of its size, prices and promotions. It even offers discounts for his visitors on his website! To print the most recent coupons he has, just click here on the mall’s official website, scroll down to the “All Sales & Offers” section, and print or save your favorite offers. Within this link you will see that there is also an option to print a voucher (under “Print Voucher”) that you deliver on the day of your visit to the mall, at an information kiosk next to Starbucks, and win a booklet (called by them “passport”) with exclusive discounts.

3) Aventura Mall Miami

Shopping Aventura Mall Miami is also one of the best options in the city for shopping. This mall does not have promotions as strong as the other two establishments mentioned above, nor discount coupons, but it is one of the most beautiful malls in Miami, and it ends up being a super pleasant walk.

Shopping Aventura Mall Miami

Because it is a more sophisticated mall, it has stores that other Miami outlets and malls do not have, such as Burberry, Diesel and Ferrari, which are one of the most famous brands in the world. The space is huge (it is the largest mall in Miami, and the most beautiful for many people), so reserve good hours to get to know it.

4) Dadeland Mall Miami

The Dadeland Mall Miami Shopping is a good option for those who want to shop with peace of mind, as it is located in the south of Miami, close to Coral Gables. It is often overlooked by tourists, who prefer to go to the main shopping malls and outlets in Miami, but it is as good as they are, in addition to being more peaceful and pleasant for shopping.

Shopping Dadeland Mall Miami

It is usually very empty and has more than 100 stores. The mall’s main store is Macy’s, which has its largest store in Florida there, but there is also an Adidas, Apple, Aeropostale, Bath & Body, GAP, Calvin Klein, Godiva, Hollister, Intimissi, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Guess, Sephora, Sunglass Hut, Swarovski, Vans, Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfiters, Zara and many others. You can even enjoy the incredible food floor, with options from Starbucks to the Johnny Rockets snack bar and restaurants with different cuisines.

5) Florida Keys Outlet Center

This is the last one of our best tips to explore Miami malls and outlets. The Florida Keys Outlet is a relatively a small shopping center when compared to others mentioned, because it has 46 stores – but all of them are worth it! So, this is an outlet for those who don’t like wasting time by walking around and looking for the store you want to go. And there are less tourists.

Florida Keys Outlet Center

Some brands that are present in the Florida Keys Outlet Center are Aeropostale, Adidas, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, Carter’s, Coach, Body Sharpers, Converse, Crocs, Famous Footwear Outlet, GAP, Guess, Levi’s, Nautica, Nike , Nine West, Perfumania, Samsonite, US Polo, Tommy Hilfiger and Sunglass Hut. It is a little away from the Miami center, but it is considered one of the best outlets in the city.

Insider tips for shopping in Miami

An important tip for those who go shopping in Miami is to always carry a wheeled suitcase or a large backpack when you go to malls and outlets, to carry the bags in a more practical way. In a few hours of shopping, you will be full of purchases, and it is not easy to carry them all day. Another tip is that, as Miami’ outlets, malls, beaches and sights are far apart, it is inevitable to rent a car – both to go to places and to carry purchases. If you want, see our article on how to rent a great and cheap car in Miami with everything you need to know about it.

Shopping in Miami

Be careful: do not keep your purchases in the car while you continue shopping, because it’s not safe. Carry all the purchases with you until the end, and just put them in the car when it’s time to go. Also, after shopping, avoid stopping at other stores on the way or to eat. Always go straight to the hotel to save your bags.

How to use your phone at the shopping?

Being able to use your cell phone on your trip is something extremely useful. Shopping malls, parks and outlets have great applications, including some with discount coupons, which you only access on your cell phone. And, of course, with a phone you’re able to post photos, set meeting points with those who are shopping with you, check the weather forecast and even use the GPS, saving on the rental of this equipment for the car.

Using your phone at Miami

That’s why we’ve selected the best tips about how to use your phone at Miami and the USA, where we indicate the cheapest way to use it all day long and anywhere in the entire country. With the mobile internet, you can search everything about the best tips to explore Miami malls and outlets!

Tips to make the most of your trip to Miami

Now that you’ve seen everything about the best tips to explore Miami malls and outlets, a great tip that makes the difference on your trip is to choose the location of your hotel. Miami is a big city, and it’s so much better to stay in a region close to the main tourist spots. See our article best areas to stay in your trip to Miami to learn about the best regions to stay there and how to get a great hotel for an excellent price (and find good deals). You will stay in the best region, close to the beaches and shoppings, and enjoy even more your trip!

Miami by night

Don’t forget about the Travel Insurance for Miami!

A very important tip is to have an International Travel Insurance before traveling to Miami. No one should travel without it, so you can avoid major problems abroad! It ends up being cheaper than people think, and in our article of International Travel Insurance for Miami you check everything you need to know about it: which are the best insurance companies, and tips for hiring excellent coverage for a lower price, saving a lot.

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