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Florida Keys: travel guide through the islands

Discover our travel guide through the Florida Keys, a collection of more than 1,500 incredible islands in the south of Miami. For those who like paradisiacal places and breathtaking landscapes, the islands of the Florida Keys are the perfect place. Check out more information about them:

Florida Keys highways

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How to get to the Florida Keys?

Florida Keys is 25 km away from Miami. The islands are all interconnected by huge bridges, which run from the mainland to Key West, the last island. The most impressive thing from there is the trip, because to explore the islands you spend 4 hours driving on top of bridges that pass by the sea – and the view is really incredible.

Main islands of the Florida Keys

Although the Florida Keys has more than 1,500 islands, not all of them are occupied. The region is divided into five island groups, basically with the five largest islands in the group. They are Key West, Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon and Big Pine.

Florida Keys island map

1. Key West island

Key West Island is the largest of all islands, and it is where you’ll find more people. It is at the very end of the island route, and is only 150 km from Cuba, by sea. It is to Key West that most tourists go, as it is the largest island, with a better structure, and because it is the last of the islands (since the trip over the bridges that connect the islands is a beautiful tourist attraction in itself) . The city has beautiful beaches to visit and the sunset there is one of the most beautiful in Florida. Key West’s nightlife is also the busiest of all the islands, and a good option to enjoy is the bars on Duval Street. Another must-see in Key West is Dry Tortugas National Park, which is a beautiful natural park, with a beach, places to dive and lots of nature.

Key West island

2. Key Largo Island

The first island of the set, for those coming from Miami, is Key Largo Island, which has a fantastic natural beauty and is perfect for those who like to dive. It was there that the ship USS Spiegel Grove sank and became a habitat for beautiful corals and marine species. There is also the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, one of the highlights of the Florida Keys, which has a beautiful beach with places to snorkel. The place also has canoe rentals and tours on boats with glass floors, where it is possible to see marine species. For those who like seafood, in January there is always the crab and seafood festival, which is a party with lots of food and everything at a great price.

Key Largo island

3. Islamorada island

The Islamorada island is known as the “fishermen’s island”, as it is the best for fishing. Its waters are crystal clear and not very rough, and there you will find the Theater of The Sea, which is a park with sea animals where you can swim with dolphins, rays and even sea lions. The most popular beaches are Anne’s beach, which is a quiet beach with picnic tables, and Founders Park, Pool & Skate Park, which is a beach with a children park. For those who like culture, Islamorada offers the History Of Diving Museum, which talks about the history of diving in the Florida Keys.

Islamorada island

4. Marathon island

Marathon Island is in the middle of the Florida Keys. Like the others, it has beautiful beaches and some tourist points to visit. For those who like birds, there is the Museum Of Crane Point, with several animals and birds of rare species. A very nice beach to enjoy there is Sombrero Beach, which has a volleyball net and structure for those who want to barbecue. For fans of quieter and more deserted beaches, check out Coco Plum Beach.

Marathon island

5. Big Pine island

The island of Big Pine is similar to the others and also has an incredible natural park, which is the Bahia Honda State Park. It is a state park with a beautiful beach, which people go for running, cycling, picnicking and sunbathing. There is an entrance fee of around US$ 10, and a good tip is to bring food and drink to spend the day there. It is one of the most beautiful parks in the entire Florida Keys, and a good choice of things to do there, as well as being one of the best places to dive near Miami.

Big Pine island

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Rent a car in Florida

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Using your phone in Florida

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