Visiting Legoland Florida Theme Park

Check out all you need to know about visiting Legoland Florida Theme Park. Located in Winter Haven, just 40 minutes from Orlando center, Legoland Florida Theme Park is an entire Lego park, with very modern attractions and structures. It is a paradise for any child and any adult who has spent their childhood playing with Lego. There are more than 50 million pieces of Lego that form sculptures, characters, miniatures of cities and major tourist attractions around the world. See more:

Legoland park entrance

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Orlando Lego Park Tips

The Legoland Florida park isn’t as big as Disney or Universal’s parks, but it’s still pretty large, so be prepared to walk a lot. The difference between this park in relation to other parks in Orlando is that this one is more focused on children, with not too extreme attractions. Of course adults also have fun with their children, but it may not be a good choice if you are only with older people. For those with younger children, between 2 and 12 years old, which is the focus of the park, it’s pretty cool.

Lego park attractions

The park is super organized and is divided into 11 different parts. The ideal is to see 5 parts, stop for lunch and rest for a while, and then see the rest. If you are doing your visit in summer, in the middle of the year, bring sunscreen, a cap or hat, and don’t forget to carry your cell phone to take lots of pictures. There are some Lego buildings that are recreated in life size and look real, like shops and sights in Orlando, Miami and all of Florida. Let’s talk about the park areas and also its best attractions.

Legoland park map

The Beggining area

As the name explains, this is the initial area of ​​the park. There you will find the biggest Lego store in Orlando and in the entire park, and an attraction that is Island in the Sky, one of the most radical. It is a 46 meter high tower where you can enjoy a beautiful view not only of the park, but of the entire city of Orlando. It is very worthwhile for those who are not afraid of heights. At the beginning of the park is also the Market Restaurant, a good tip on where to eat in the Lego park. It serves sandwiches, salads, hamburgers and more variations of American cuisine, all at average prices.

The Beggining area

Land Of Adventure area

Another area of Lego park in Orlando is the Land Of Adventure, which is a replica of the pyramids and cities of Egypt. It has some really cool toys, like the Beetle Bounce, a small, kid-friendly version of plummeting towers. Another toy is the Lost King Adventure, in which you get into a cart and, with a laser gun, shoot the targets and increase your score. There is also the Safari Trek, which is a safari through a forest full of animals made of Lego, and the Coastersaurus, a roller coaster made of wood and ideal for entertaining children.

Land Of Adventure area

Duplo Valley area

Another area of ​​the park is Duplo Valley, which focuses on children. For those traveling with small children, it’s a great stop, but for those who don’t have small children, it’s better to go ahead and enjoy the time to see the other attractions at Lego Park. They are very quiet attractions and focused on children under 3 years old, who like to play with Lego pieces and animals. There you will find nice playgrounds and trains for the little ones.

Duplo Valley area

Lego Kingdoms area

One of the most fun areas in Legoland is Lego Kingdoms. It’s a reproduction of a medieval world where you enter a Lego castle and it feels like you’re stepping back in time. In addition to the amazing puppets and buildings, there are some really cool attractions to entertain visitors.

Lego Kingdoms area

Among them are the Royal Just, which is a ride on those children’s Lego horses; The Forestman’s Hideout, which is a tree attraction; and The Dragon, which is a roller coaster that goes in and out of the castle. This roller coaster is one of the more “extreme” attractions in the park, but it still doesn’t compare to the more violent roller coasters in other parks. It is ideal for children and for those who are not so into extreme attractions.

Miniland USA area

In Orlando’s Legoland Park there is also an area called Miniland USA, which is one of the most fun and impressive in the entire park. That’s because it has replicas of major tourist attractions across the United States and the world, and because they were made by artists, the perfection is incredible.

Miniland USA area

It has replicas of the city of Miami, Orlando, New York and even the incredible city of Las Vegas. The buildings are beautiful and worth checking one by one. It’s incalculable to imagine how many pieces of Lego were used in all these constructions, and they yield a lot of pictures.

Imagination Zone area

The Imagination Zoneni area at Legoland is made up of attractions where children can play Lego and ride as they wish. It is just to stimulate the imagination, and has thousands of different pieces available. Playing Lego in the Lego park is guaranteed fun for the little ones.

Imagination Zone area

World of Chima area

The World of Chima region, as its name implies, is an area of ​​the park inspired by the Legends of Chima series that airs on Cartoon Network. It has some cool attractions, like water playgrounds, ideal for children to play in the summer. There is also a small boat, The Quest of Chima, which rides through the series’ scenarios.

World of China area

Ninjago World area

This area features state-of-the-art rides. Inspired by the “LEGO NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu” program, it is full of fun attractions. The main one is The Ride, a 3D attraction, in the dark, in which children and adults hit points using their movements, like a ninja. There is also Zane’s Temple Build, for children to “build” a monastery; a rock climbing wall called Cole’s Rock Climb; and two other attractions for kids to test their reflex ninja skills, including on turntables.

Ninjago World area

Lego Technic area

Our latest area is Lego Technic, which is focused in technology and has a carousel over the water, the Aquazone Rave Racers. There is also Project X, one of the most extreme attractions of the Park Legoland Orlando, a roller coaster that usually has a lot of queues.

Lego Technic area

Legoland Water Park in Orlando

Within the complex of this incredible Lego park in Orlando, there is also the Legoland Water Park, which is the second Lego park in Florida. Unlike Legoland Park, Legoland Water Park has some more extreme attractions and is a refreshing option for Orlando’s heat and sun.

Legoland Water Park in Orlando

On the other hand, it doesn’t have the amount of attractions and sculptures that there are at Legoland Florida. It’s worth thinking about which of the two you’ll want to enjoy the day. But, if you want, you can go both in one day, it’s just a little rushed and you have to plan well. To access the Lego water park you have to buy an additional ticket. We remind you that it is a trip that is only worthwhile in the summer, that is, from June to August, or in the coming months.

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