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Did you know that Orlando Outlets have several incredible discount coupons for you to use on your purchases? They are a very important tip for anyone who goes shopping there – many tourists do not know this and end up missing incredible discounts! So, see below our tips on where and how to get the best coupons from Orlando outlets:

Discount coupons

After reading this article, check out our tips about how to save a lot of money on your trip to Orlando. It is the most accessed article on our blog and will help you with all the trip planning. There are several unmissable tips that will save you A LOT of cash and set up your entire trip to Orlando.

Why should I use discount coupons in Orlando?

Discount coupons in the United States are taken seriously and really work there. They are discounts of 10%, 20%, 30%, and sometimes even 50% on the total value of your purchase. We use it whenever we travel there, and save a lot on them. The cool thing is that there are great discounts for the main stores in Miami and Orlando, such as GAP, Guess, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Forever 21, Polo, Michael Kors, Coach, Adidas, Nike and many others. Their coupon culture is very strong, so don’t be ashamed to use and abuse these discounts!

Forever 21 store

General tips on discount coupons in Orlando and Miami

The discount coupons that we will show you are the most popular and likely to be useful for your trip. But, in addition to them, you can find incredible coupons within the website of each store you plan to visit. For example, if you want to go to the Calvin Klein store on International Drive, you can go to their website and see if they are advertising an exclusive offer there. Some of them, like Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart, already have an area on the site just for that (click to see).

Calvin Klein store in Orlando

Another important tip is to print your discount coupons as close to your trip as possible. That’s because several new coupons are added each week, and you can miss out a good deal if you print your coupons much sooner. But even so, if your travel date has already been confirmed, you can go looking at the sites we will indicate below and see if they already offer some discounts that are valid until the date on which you intend to make purchases. So you don’t miss a thing and already collect your coupons!

Discount coupons

One last tip is, before your trip, access the american version of your favorite stores website and inform your email in a box that they usually make available for sending news. Usually, through this “email subscription”, you start receiving exclusive discounts in your own email box, or at least news of promotions that the store has.

Discount coupons for purchases in Outlets Premium

Orlando’s two main outlets, which are Premium Outlets, have exclusive discount coupons for their stores. You will find them on the official website of the Outlets, clicking here on Discount Coupon. You will see a complete list of discounts that each brand is offering to customers in general. But there is an even more exclusive list of discounts, which you can get for free on this website.

Outlet Premium in Orlando

The “hidden list” of discounts for Orlando Premium Outlets is found in the “Vip Club” tab, which you can find up there on the website, near the magnifying glass. Just click on it and register for free to access these discounts. It’s super easy and fast: in two minutes you will receive an email with your login and password. Attention: check your spam box and, if the email does not arrive, try the registration again.

Vip Club at Outlet Premium

After registering, login and select the two Orlando outlets. The screen below will appear, and then you click on “all offers” to check the list with all the coupons available for you to print or take “print”. Just be aware, as some stores do not accept the coupon on your cell phone – and you will need to go to the “Guest Service” kiosk on the day of your visit to print the specific coupon. Returning to the site, there is still the option to print the “coupon book” and present it at the outlet of the outlet to win a book full of updated coupons – but it is not as worthwhile as the coupons on the site.

Outlet Premium in Orlando

Discount coupons for purchases in Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores

Not as famous as the other places mentioned above, Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores is an outlet that usually receives less visitors, but that still has incredible opportunities in stores like Gap, Levis, Carter’s, Aeropostale, Calvin Klein, Converse etc. To access all their coupons, enter the outlet’s official website, click on “Coupon Book”, as shown below, and print the page that will open. It is a document translated into English, Portuguese and Spanish, in which you quickly answer a survey of five question and print it, so you can present the paper on the day of your visit to exchange it for a coupon book full of updated offers.

Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores Outlet

Extra tip: discount coupon apps in Orlando and Miami

There are exclusive apps for Orlando and Miami free discount coupons for shopping. With them, you can instantly access discounts and just show your cell phone screen to get your offer on purchase. The most used apps are Any Code, RetailMeNot Coupons, Orlando Coupons (for Orlando) and Couwalla (for Miami), which are incredible and work very well. So download these three apps before your trip!

Discount coupons app

To access these coupons you will need internet on your cell phone, so it’s worth it to have an american chip there That’s because, in addition to apps, the internet saves you in several other situations. It is useful for those who are traveling with a husband, wife or friends, to be able to communicate at the time of shopping and each can go to their favorite stores. If you want to, see our tips on how to use your cell phone at will in Miami and Orlando to be able to use the internet and search Orlando and Miami free discount coupons for shopping.

Using your phone in US

Insider tips for shopping in Orlando

An important tip for those who go shopping in Orlando is to always carry a wheeled suitcase or a large backpack when you go to malls and outlets, to carry the bags in a more practical way. In a few hours of shopping, you will be full of purchases, and it is not easy to carry them all day. Another tip is that, as Orlando’s outlets, malls, parks and sights are far apart, it is inevitable to rent a car – both to go to places and to carry purchases. If you want, see our article on how to rent a great and cheap car in Orlando with everything you need to know about it.

Shopping bags in Orlando

Be careful: do not keep your purchases in the car while you continue shopping, because it’s not safe. Carry all the purchases with you until the end, and just put them in the car when it’s time to go. Also, after shopping, avoid stopping at other stores on the way or to eat. Always go straight to the hotel to save your bags.

Tips to make the most of your trip to Orlando

Now that you’ve seen everything about Orlando Outlets Discount Coupons, a great tip that makes the difference on your trip is to choose the location of your hotel. Orlando is a big city, and it’s so much better to stay in a region close to the main tourist spots. See our article best areas to stay in your trip to Orlando to learn about the best regions to stay there and how to get a great hotel for an excellent price (and find good deals). You will stay in the best region, close to the parks and outlets, and enjoy even more your trip!

Lake Eola Park in Orlando

Where is the cheapest place to buy Orlando tickets?

Many people don’t know where (and even when) to buy Disney and Orlando tickets. We’ve done a lot of research and find out where is the cheapest place to buy Orlando parks tickets. We always buy our tickets there! It’s where you’ll find the best prices and where you can buy all the tickets, for all the parks and attractions at once, in the same place.

Don’t forget about the Travel Insurance for Orlando!

A very important tip is to have an International Travel Insurance before traveling to Orlando. No one should travel without it, so you can avoid major problems abroad! It ends up being cheaper than people think, and in our article of International Travel Insurance for Orlando you check everything you need to know about it: which are the best insurance companies, and tips for hiring excellent coverage for a lower price, saving a lot.

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