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If you are thinking about moving to Orlando, or have already made this decision, see here our complete guide about what it takes to live in US. There are several aspects that need to be considered, and documents requested to this moving, but here we explain step by step everything you will need:

Orlando by night

After reading this article, check out our tips about how to save a lot of money on your trip to Orlando and how to save a lot of money on your trip to Miami. They are the most accessed articles on our blog and will help you with all the trip planning. There are several unmissable tips that will save you A LOT of cash and set up your entire trip to Orlando or Miami.

Green Card para morar em Orlando

To live in the United States, all you need is a Green Card (in addition to money, of course!). This is a permanent residence visa, an authorization document that can take years to be taken, as it requires a long and bureaucratic process. Unlike what many people think, it is not possible to get a Green Card just by buying a residence there.

How do I get a Green Card?

Briefly, there are four ways to get a Green Card:

  • Marrying an American person in marriage (but beware! Forging the marriage to get the document is a crime in the country, and they always detect it);
  • Having close relatives with US citizenship (father, mothers, children …);
  • If there is an American employer interested in having you in the country;
  • In case you are a possible investor in the country – the US government always seeks to inject as much money as possible into its markets, so you can get a Green Card by opening a business in the United States, for example, and investing in the market .

To learn more, read our article on how to get a Green Card to live in the USA.

Green Card - permanent resident card

Living abroad for a period in Orlando

It is also possible to live in the United States for a certain period, without necessarily having a Green Card. If you are going to do an undergraduate, an English course or even a specialization, you can get a visa to live legally for a few years there. The student visa for the United States is obtained through the Florida school or college where you are going. Look for the U.S. Embassies and Consulates on your country, so you can take your visa.

Living abroad in Orlando as a student

Buying a home in Orlando

If you want to move to Orlando, it is important to have a home of your own. Before buying a house, it is important to find a good neighborhood, preferably safe and close to the places you will visit the most. Look for a reliable estate agent to help you in this process. Do not buy the house without visiting it first, and take into account the fees you will have to pay for it, such as insurance and taxes (by the way, don’t forget to hire an insurer that legitimizes the documents and issues the insurance policy!).

Buying a home in Orlando

Does buying a property in Florida give me a Green Card?

As we have already said, many people think that buying an apartment or a house in Florida gives them a Green Card to stay in the country. But, unfortunately, this is not a reality. A property purchase in Miami, Orlando, New York or anywhere else in the U.S. will not bring you any immigration benefits. To get a Green Card, the American government analyzes the citizen’s work situation, not the investments/financial situation. Buying a property in Miami or Orlando is indeed a great investment, but that will not give you the Green Card.

Tips to make the most of your trip to Florida

Now that you’ve seen everything about Moving to Orlando: complete guide, a great tip that makes the difference on your trip is to rent a car. Florida parks, beaches and outlets are very far apart, which is why the tourists always choose to rent a car there. With a car, you will be able to enjoy your trip even more, visiting everywhere and shopping with peace of mind. If you want, see our article how to find cheap car rentals in USA, where we give you all the information that you need to know about this subject, with tips about how to find unique prices using comparators. It ‘s much cheaper than people think, and it is worth it – you can even explore near cities by car!

Rent a car in Florida

How can I use my phone in Orlando and Miami?

Being able to use your cell phone on your trip is something extremely useful. With it working, you can search about all the spots, access the discount coupons and park apps, check the weather and even use the GPS, saving the rent of this equipment for the car. Besides, of course, being connected to the various social networks!

Using your phone in Florida

We have selected the best tips about how to use your phone in USA, where we indicate the cheapest way to use it all day long and anywhere in the entire country. With the mobile internet, you can search everything about Moving to Orlando: complete guide!

Don’t forget about the Travel Insurance!

A very important tip is to have an International Travel Insurance before traveling to Florida. No one should travel without it, so you can avoid major problems abroad! It ends up being cheaper than people think, and in our article of International Travel Insurance for USA you check everything you need to know about it: which are the best insurance companies, and tips for hiring excellent coverage for a lower price, saving a lot.

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