How much does the average trip to Miami cost?

If you are planning to visit Miami, check out our tips and find out how much does the average trip to Miami cost! The price of your trip will depend on how many days you plan to stay, the type of accommodation, attractions you want to see and more. But, even so, it is possible to calculate an average of values ​​based on the information that we will talk about next. Check out:

Costs of a Miami trip

After reading this article, check out our tips about how to save a lot of money on your trip to Miami. It is the most accessed article on our blog and will help you with all the trip planning. There are several unmissable tips that will save you A LOT of cash and set up your entire trip to Miami.

Before your trip: passport, visa and flight ticket

Depending on where you are, you will need a new passport and a visa to visit Miami. These costs changes depending on where you are, but all the proccess usually costs something like US$ 250. Another cost that changes depending where you are is the flight ticket. It may be US$ 20 or US$ 20.000!

But independent on where you are, we have some important tips so you can find cheaper air tickets to Miami and save a lot (since the ticket is the most expensive item of the trip). The first great tip is to access some airline comparator, which does a search on all airlines for Miami. It saves you from having to log into each company’s website and shows you all the options available.

Airplane tickets

We always use this comparator of airline tickets, because it is the one that always has the best prices and is one of the safest and most famous in the world. Click on it and follow the tips below to buy the tickets. Just using it, you will be able to find the best prices.

Airfare tips to save money on your trip to Miami: always check the price of the ticket to another nearby city, such as Miami. Sometimes you can get lucky and find cheaper flights at these cities, and then just buy a domestic flight to Miami, that is much cheaper, or even go by car. Another tip is to research the flight date always on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and mainly Saturday and Sunday flights are usually more expensive. Normally, night air tickets are the most expensive, and afternoon flights are cheaper. And the more stops the flight has, the cheaper it gets.

Attention: because all these costs changes depending on where you are, we will not consider them in the final trip cost.

Cost of International Travel Insurance to Miami

A super important item that you need to have is the International Travel Insurance. Although not mandatory in the United States, almost all tourists have one. It is a way to travel without worries and with the guarantee that you will have no problems or losses. Miami travel insurance costs approximately US$ 2 per day, and is valid throughout all the United States.

It is highly recommended that no one travels without one, and it’s not a heavy item in the list of “How much does the average trip to Miami cost”. Check out our Travel Insurance article for Miami and the USA, with tips on how to get a good insurance and getting an incredible price.

International Travel Insurance to Miami

Cost of accommodation in Miami

Following the essential steps of how much does the average trip to Miami cost, another important item to include in Miami expenses is accommodation. The value is quite relative: you can save a lot and choose three-star hotels, for example, which are great and have daily rates for an average of US$ 74; or a more expensive and luxurious hotel.

Beacon hotel in Miami

A great tip to find good hotels, with incredible prices, in the region you want and save a lot on accommodation, is to use this Hotel Search Engine in Miami. We always use it, as it is the largest hotel booking site in the world. Not to mention that it has all the hotels in Miami, Miami and the world in his searches, with unbeatable prices due to the strong negotiation they do. And there you can check the opinion of other tourists who have already stayed in hotels, which helps a lot when evaluating each one.

This search engine has a very strong partnership with the establishments and they offer free cancellation in almost all hotels. This is great, because the factor that will save you the most in hosting is the advance. The sooner you make the reservation, the cheaper you pay. So, you can book your hotel now, to guarantee the lowest price, and if you find a better one afterwards (or just don’t want to stay in it), just cancel for free.

Cell phone cost in Miami

Being able to use your cell phone on the trip is something extremely useful and necessary, since with it you can search about attractions, access the discount coupon and park apps, check the weather forecast and even use the GPS. In addition to, of course, being connected to the various social networks!

After all these years, testing several different chips and traveling all over the world, the one that we like the most and always use now is this travel chip. It has a good price, compared to the others, and the main differential that we found was the coverage and the signal. The 1GB internet plan costs US$ 14,99, while the 5GB plan costs US$ 43,99. And use our GRUPODICAS coupon to get a discount!

Using your phone in Miami

Cost of transportation in Miami

It is possible to save money on transportation in Miami, depending on what you choose. The best way to get around is, without a doubt, renting a car, which offers much more comfort, mobility and security when walking or shopping. Aside from that, places in Miami are very remote, and you will almost always have to take a small road to get to them. Public transportation is not a good option, as buses are scarce and there is no subway in Miami.

– Taxis in Miami

Taxis have a basic fare of US$ 2.86, which can end up resulting in a very expensive final price due to the great distances between attractions in the region. Another alternative is the transfer, however it costs about US$ 41 per day.

– Car rental in Miami

If you rent a compact car, the price is up to US$ 8.99 a day. Of course, the final price depends on the type of vehicle you choose, but it is still very worth it. In addition to the cost of renting a car, there are other values ​​to add, such as fuel and parking. Currently, a liter of gasoline costs US$ 0.62, and parking lots at parks cost approximately US$ 20 per day. See all our tips on car rentals in Miami.

Car rental in Miami

Food cost in Miami

Miami has very diverse options for you to eat, and for ALL tastes. There are snack bars, luxury restaurants etc. The average amount spent per day with meals in Miami is US$ 40. But a good tip to save more on food during your trip is to buy some frozen ingredients or products at the supermarket, if your accommodation has a microwave or a mini kitchen.

Miami restaurant

Sports games cost

Another tip is that the basketball and NBA season in Miami runs from November to June, but some games also take place out of the season. When you are traveling, there is probably a game going on and we highly recommend you to watch one and feel the excitement like a native. Even for those who do not like sports, it is a spectacle apart and an incredible experience to see the culture of Americans up close. The stadiums are beautiful, everything is organized and always very lively.

Basketball game

We love to go seeing games and shows (there are always shows of famous international singers and bands there) when we travel to Orlando and Miami, because even if you don’t like sports, it is an incredible experience to see the culture of the Americans there. The stadiums are very nice, everything is well organized and always very lively. We went to a lot of them, and found this tickets website wich is very good page to buy tickets for all the games, shows and sporting events in the United States.

Cost of shopping in Miami

Miami is a great city for shopping, but spending will depend on the type of consumer you are. Anyway, during your trip, you can not miss the malls and outlets in Miami, which offer an immense variety of products at affordable prices. For your planning of how much a trip to Miami will cost, make a list of things you want to buy and the places you will visit. There are even stores with items for a dollar!

Orlando shopping bags

After all, how much does the average trip to Miami cost?

As we said, the answer to how much does the average trip to Miami cost depends on the “fixed” costs (passport, visa, travel insurance, airfare and hotel) plus the additional costs (cell phone chip, car rental, meals, attractions and shopping). You can choose an economical, comfortable or even luxurious travel style. But, in the minimum time of 7 days, taking advantage of ALL the attractions, shopping, and also being able to rest in a reasonable hotel, the total average cost of the trip is US$ 1.700 per person, DISCONSIDERING the passport, visa and flight ticket prices, that changes depending on where you’re from.

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