Map of Florida: best tourist cities

See what the map of Florida looks like, and where each tourist city is located. The two main cities are Orlando and Miami, but Florida has very nice beach towns full of attractions that are worth visiting. Check out on the map below:

Florida map

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Main tourist cities in Florida

1. Orlando

Orlando is the city of dreams for many tourists, and receives approximately 60 million of them every year. There are Walt Disney World and Universal Studios theme parks, as well as Sea World and several others – there are more than 30 theme parks in the entire city! It is an excellent place to shop and to visit children’s and interactive museums. Despite being loved by children, the city is also a honeymoon destination for many couples.

Disney World in Orlando

2. Miami

Miami is a super cool beach town in Florida. It is very popular, frequented by many young people and celebrities from all over the world, and its nightlife is incredible and super busy. The city also hosts many annual events on various topics, such as fashion and gastronomy, and international music festivals, such as the Ultra Music Festival. And if you want to shop, Miami is a true paradise, with malls and outlets full of stores of all brands, products at very low prices. Also enjoy the beaches: you will find options for all tastes and groups, from families to groups of friends.

Beach in Miami

3. Tampa

Tampa is a city in Florida interior, that is well known for the Bush Gardens park, which has some of the largest and best roller coasters in the world. The city also has a zoo, the Florida Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry. In addition to these attractions, which are the most famous, many tourists stay in Tampa, as there are huge condo houses there.

Busch Gardens in Tampa

4. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale in Florida is a very famous tourist city that has one of the largest ports in the United States and the world. Many cruises leave from Miami to Bahamas, a very cool and fun trip. There are about 40 kilometers of sand there, meaning the beaches are a major attraction here. If you like art, visit Fat Village, a hipster neighborhood in the city with several architecture offices, as well as street art workshops and murals, with graffiti and other paintings.

Fort Lauderdale in Florida

Las Olas Boulevard, on the other hand, concentrates bars, restaurants, galleries and shops, in a very pleasant wooded space. A cool tip in Fort Lauderdale is to go to Riverwalk Park and take a boat or water taxi from Miami, known as the “Water Taxi”, which drops you off at any of Fort Lauderdale’s clubs, restaurants, shops and resorts.

5. Key West

Key West island is close to Miami and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Florida. The paradisiacal beaches and impressive landscapes enchant tourists from all over, and it is on the list of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Key West is part of the Florida Keys, which is a set of paradise islands.

Key West, in Florida

The place has many beaches and natural parks to visit during the day, like Dry Tortugas National Park, which is a natural park for diving. For those who like history, there is a US Navy museum inside a ship, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham Maritime Museum. Mallory Square is really cool to enjoy the sunset, there are food stalls, fire swallowers, tightrope tightrope walkers and art and craft exhibitions.

6. Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a very cool city. It is 100 kilometers away from Miami and is an excellent city, little explored by tourists, and therefore much more peaceful and pleasant. It has beautiful beaches, museums, great restaurants and bars and some ballads. There are dozens of huge mansions there.

Palm Beach city

A very beautiful region to visit in the city is Worth Avenue, which has incredible patios with fountains and super luxurious decor, where people go shopping. The stores are luxury brands and very expensive. The most famous and beautiful patios there are Via Parigi and Via Mizner. It is worth leaving an afternoon reserved to get to know the place. There is also the Four Arts Gardens, an art gallery with gardens and trees of all kinds there.

7. Naples

Naples is a city located approximately 2 hours from Miami and 3 hours away from Orlando. Being a beach town, Naples is very similar to Miami, but it is much smaller, calmer and less hectic. It is in the Gulf of Mexico, so the waters are very blue and very clear, reminiscent of the Caribbean. Naples is considered a haven for many people looking for more peace of mind, but who like to enjoy a good structure.

Naples city

The city offers good shopping malls, golf courses, some very luxurious condominiums and several beautiful beaches. If you want to shop, visit Fifth Avenue South, an avenue full of designer stores, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, hotels and more. The beaches near this part of the city tend to get a lot more crowded, so if you want an even quieter spot, look for the beaches in the southern part of Naples. The city’s Botanical Garden is also a good option for a stroll, if you don’t enjoy the coast so much.

Distance between the main tourist cities in Florida:

Orlando-Miami: 329 km

Orlando-Naples: 269 km

Orlando-Palm Beach: 242 km

Orlando-Fort Lauderdale: 295 km

Orlando-Key West: 444 km

Orlando-Tampa: 124 km

Miami-Naples: 165 km

Miami-Palm Beach: 104 km

Miami-Fort Lauderdale: 39 km

Miami-Key West: 209 km

Miami-Tampa: 329 km

Tips to make the most of your trip to Florida

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Rent a car in Florida

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Using your phone in Florida

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