Kids car seat in Orlando and Miami

Check out the rules of the kids car seat in Orlando and Miami, which are essential for the safety of your children and with which US law is very strict. See below for the rules for using car seats in Florida.

Kids car seat

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Rules for child car seats in Florida:

  • Newborn babies and children up to two years old must be transported in the back seat, in a “child seat”. Children should be placed with their backs to the driver. It is necessary to check the maximum weight indication for each car seat, before you buy or rent it, processes that we will explain later.
  • Children from two to four years old must still be transported in the “child seat”, but it can now be turned forward. Remember to respect the weight limit, which in this case is usually 18 kilos.
  • From the age of 5, it is already possible to switch to the “booster seat”, which is a kind of elevation in the seat, just to ensure that the child protects himself well with the car’s seat belt.
  • The maximum weight for the use of the “booster seat” is 36 kilos, and the age would be 6 years. If the child is 6 years old but weighs less than 36 kilograms, you must continue to use the “booster seat”, for the child’s safety.
  • It is interesting that parents realize the need of the “booster seat” for the child, even if he weighs more than 36 kilos. Until the age of 12, it is mandatory by law that all children drive in the back seat only, and with a seat belt. Therefore, if your child is older than 6 years but with less weight or less height, and the belt is not suitable for his body, you must have the “booster seat”.

Buy or rent the kids car seat?

The rental of a car seat costs an average of 15 dollars a day at car rental companies. You can rent, but another option, which we recommend, is to buy a car seat at any supermarket or children’s store. You will find good seats starting at 50 dollars, and seat booster for 30 dollars. It’s cheaper and you can bring it to your home later, if you want to. The problem is that it is often not allowed to leave the airport with the rental car without the car seat, if you have children under the age of five

Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando

So, what a lot of people do is rent the car seat for a day, at the time of the car pick-up, and arrange to return it to a car rental store near your hotel. You leave the airport car rental with the car seat, and in the same day you stop by a Walmart to buy yours. Some people prefer to rent the car seat directly on the reservation moment, for the entire trip, so they don’t have to return, which is an option if you don’t need to save money.

Onde comprar a cadeirinha de carro na Flórida?

Você encontra a cadeirinha infantil para carros em vários lugares, mas especialmente nos supermercados de Orlando e Miami. São supermercados super completos, e que costumam ter o melhor preço nesse tipo de objeto, com modelos variados e para diferentes idades. Na dúvida, vá ao supermercado Walmart, que é o mais famoso de lá.

Tips to make the most of your trip to Florida

Now that you’ve seen everything about kids car seat in Orlando and Miami, a great tip that makes the difference on your trip is to rent a car. Florida parks, beaches and outlets are very far apart, which is why the tourists always choose to rent a car there. With a car, you will be able to enjoy your trip even more, visiting everywhere and shopping with peace of mind. If you want, see our article how to find cheap car rentals in USA, where we give you all the information that you need to know about this subject, with tips about how to find unique prices using comparators. It ‘s much cheaper than people think, and it is worth it – you can even explore near cities by car!

Rent a car in Florida

How can I use my phone in Orlando and Miami?

Being able to use your cell phone on your trip is something extremely useful. With it working, you can search about all the spots, access the discount coupons and park apps, check the weather and even use the GPS, saving the rent of this equipment for the car. Besides, of course, being connected to the various social networks!

Using your phone in Florida

We have selected the best tips about how to use your phone in USA, where we indicate the cheapest way to use it all day long and anywhere in the entire country. With the mobile internet, you can search everything about kids car seat in Orlando and Miami!

Don’t forget about the Travel Insurance!

A very important tip is to have an International Travel Insurance before traveling to Florida. No one should travel without it, so you can avoid major problems abroad! It ends up being cheaper than people think, and in our article of International Travel Insurance for USA you check everything you need to know about it: which are the best insurance companies, and tips for hiring excellent coverage for a lower price, saving a lot.

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