Distance and best way to get from Orlando to Miami

See here what is the distance and the best way to get from Orlando to Miami. We will talk about  the trip characteristics and how to do it in the best way. Check out:

Miami road

After reading this article, check out our tips about how to save a lot of money on your trip to Orlando and how to save a lot of money on your trip to Miami. They are the most accessed articles on our blog and will help you with all the trip planning. There are several unmissable tips that will save you A LOT of cash and set up your entire trip to Orlando or Miami.

Distance between Miami and Orlando

From Orlando to Miami, and vice versa, there is 385 km. It is a relatively quick stretch and a super pleasant trip to do. You will take a maximum of 4 hours on the Florida Turnpike Road, which is the most famous of the two cities – and which is an attraction in itself! The Turnpike is great for driving, as it is a real “concrete carpet” and between Miami and Orlando it has 4 or 5 gas stations with fuel and many food options for you to stop and enjoy it calmly.

In addition to the Turnpike, which goes through the “interior” of the state, you can do the route on the I-95 road, which is usually longer, but more beautiful because it is closer to the coast – and where you can even schedule a stop at Nasa Park, the Kennedy Space Center. It is very worthwhile to rent a car and make either of these two routes, especially if you are in more people to split expenses.

NASA Park: Kennedy Space Center

Taking the road that connects Orlando and Miami

  • Turnpike has only two directions, N (North) and S (South). From Miami to Orlando you get the North direction, and from Orlando to Miami it is the South direction. So there’s no mistake! It is very easy to locate yourself on that road.
  • Speed ​​limits in Florida on highways are 90 to 105 km/h, and in residential areas it vary between 32 and 48 km/h.
  • An important point to be emphasized is that, on the roads over there, you can be fined for driving below the minimum speed. So wait and don’t drive too slowly! The speed limits of the trip from Miami to Orlando are controlled by the police and fixed radars, and the infringer’s fine can reach 150 dollars!

Miami to Orlando highways

  • For those who don’t know, speed in the United States is measured in miles per hour, not kilometers per hour, so be careful when traveling from Orlando to Miami or vice versa. To do the conversion, just multiply the value in miles by 1.6 to have the value in kilometers per hour. For example: 100 mph (miles) is the same as 160 km/h. That’s why GPS is a great ally, as it already converts and shows the car’s speed in Km/h.
  • Do not forget that it is mandatory to keep the headlights on when it is raining, even though it is very rare to get rain on the routes from Miami to Orlando or from Orlando to Miami.
  • It is also important to know more about the Sunpass, Tolls and Expressways in Miami and Orlando if you are going to travel on Florida roads. Expressways save you a lot of time on your trip.

Sunpass at expressways

Gas stations in Florida

Another important point is that, in the United States gas stations, you fill the car. There is no gas station attendant, only the cashier to whom you make the payment and notify the pump that your car is there. He releases the value and you are the one who will supply the car. It is simple. On the trip from Orlando to Miami or from Miami to Orlando, because of the distance, you will need to refuel at least once.

Gas station in Florida

Tips to make the most of your trip to Florida

Now that you’ve seen everything about the distance and best way to get from Orlando to Miami, a great tip that makes the difference on your trip is to rent a car. Florida parks, beaches and outlets are very far apart, which is why the tourists always choose to rent a car there. With a car, you will be able to enjoy your trip even more, visiting everywhere and shopping with peace of mind. If you want, see our article how to find cheap car rentals in USA, where we give you all the information that you need to know about this subject, with tips about how to find unique prices using comparators. It ‘s much cheaper than people think, and it is worth it – you can even explore near cities by car!

Rent a car in Florida

How can I use my phone in Orlando and Miami?

Being able to use your cell phone on your trip is something extremely useful. With it working, you can search about all the spots, access the discount coupons and park apps, check the weather and even use the GPS, saving the rent of this equipment for the car. Besides, of course, being connected to the various social networks!

Using your phone in Florida

We have selected the best tips about how to use your phone in USA, where we indicate the cheapest way to use it all day long and anywhere in the entire country. With the mobile internet, you can search everything about the distance and best way to get from Orlando to Miami!

Don’t forget about the Travel Insurance!

A very important tip is to have an International Travel Insurance before traveling to Florida. No one should travel without it, so you can avoid major problems abroad! It ends up being cheaper than people think, and in our article of International Travel Insurance for USA you check everything you need to know about it: which are the best insurance companies, and tips for hiring excellent coverage for a lower price, saving a lot.

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