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Best things to do in Boca Raton

Discover what are the best things to do in Boca Raton, one of the most beautiful regions in Florida, about 1 hour from Miami. Boca Raton is where the North American elite usually go on vacation, to escape the harsh winter of other regions at the end of the year, or to spend the summer, as it is one of the best beaches near Miami. With a warm climate and crystal-clear water beaches, the city is a great option for a tour and that’s why we’ll tell you the best things to do in Boca Raton:

Famous street in Boca Raton

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Butterfly World in Boca Raton

The first and largest butterfly area in the United States is one of the must-do tips for your trip to Boca Raton. In addition to the various species of butterflies, which delight people of all ages, there are hummingbirds and other birds. The botanical garden is also one of the most beautiful ones in the country and is well worth the visit!

Butterfly World in Boca Raton

Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton

This Boca Raton municipal park is open year-round and is incredible to take the kids. Reopened in 2017, it now has a water playground, a beautiful carousel (which is all lit up at night), courts and toys to spend an afternoon having fun.

Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton

Cultural tours in Boca Raton

Boca Raton Museum of Art is a good choice for art lovers. The City Hall, its golden dome, is also beautiful to be visited. Its Little Palm Family Theater Family hosts theater performances for audiences of all ages and contributes greatly to the education and culture of children and adults. Finally, don’t miss the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, a large Japanese garden and museum that is very successful in Boca Raton. It has lots of green area, statues and a huge lake. The gardens are immaculate and courses are held on site, such as calligraphy, bonsai, musical instruments and Japanese language.

Cultural tours in Boca Raton

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton

Don’t miss the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, an Environmental Education center that is a park, with a well-equipped picnic area: it has barbecue grills, tables and restrooms. It’s a really cool place to take children and to have a nice walk in the afternoon.

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton

Boca Raton beaches

Boca Raton beaches are excellent and cannot be left out of your list of the best things to do in Boca Raton. When visiting them, don’t forget to bring your bathing suit, towels and sunscreen! Red Reef Park is one of the most famous “beaches” there, being in fact a park that you need to pay to visit, but that has all the necessary infrastructure to spend the day. There are tables and picnic spaces (with barbecue and other facilities), a camping area, a fire pit and even an area to leave your pet. Here, you can snorkel, fish in separate areas and interact with nature.

Boca Raton beach

Another great park is Spanish River Park, or South Beach Park Boca Raton. Together, these three parks take up the entire Boca Raton beach area, which is well preserved and amazing. Their sands takes up the entire east coast of Boca Raton.

Shopping in Boca Raton

Boca Raton is quite famous for being a good place to shop. The main mall is the Town Center at Boca Raton. It has stores from all the famous and popular brands! This mall is the perfect place for you to shop without rushing and without the crowds that exists Miami. You can enter an empty Abercrombrie store, for example, and find products that are already sold out in other large malls.

Town Center at Boca Raton

The food court there is also good, with quality fast-food options. Among the Town Center stores are Apple, Bloomingdale’s, Louis Vitton and other 220 stores of the most varied brands. Another good mall in Boca Raton is Mizner Park, which is even more charming. It is anopen boulevard, with very chic brands and the coolest restaurants.

Golf at Boca Raton

If you want to play golf, Boca Beach Club and Boca Raton Resort & Club are two of the best golf courses in the region. There is also the Woodfield Country Club, which is more chic but also great for playing.

Golf at Boca Raton

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Rent a car in Florida

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Using your phone in Florida

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