Average weather and climate in Orlando

See all the information about the average weather and climate in Orlando, month by month, to plan your trip in the most favorable way. Check below the average temperature of the city, an annual graph of its climate, and all the peculiarities of each season of the year.

Weather in Orlando

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Orlando’s average climate

The weather in Orlando, in most of the year, is very warm and pleasant. Because it is located in the state of Florida, which has a tropical climate, Orlando has high temperatures and not so much rain in most of the year – in the summer it rains a lot, while in the winter the weather is much drier. Below, you can see the minimum and maximum temperatures for each month, as well as rainfall rates.

Orlando's average climate: graphic

Winter weather in Orlando

Winter in Orlando occurs in the months of December, January and February, which are the coldest of the year. At that time, the temperature drops a lot during the night, mainly. Even so, it is not so cold and, on most days, the sun is present. It does not snow! The water parks are closed at this time, but you can visit the main parks in Orlando, which is very pleasant. Just don’t forget to always have a cold blouse in your backpack or purse.

Winter weather in Orlando

Summer weather in Orlando

In June, July and August there is summer, when the weather in Orlando is very hot, with an average temperature of 32° C. With high temperature and sensations above 40 degrees Celsius, there’sb rain at the end of the day, so be prepared! But parks sell raincoats and towels, although we suggest that you take precautions and buy it in a supermarket before your visit for less than half the price.

Summer weather in Orlando

For those who are going to Orlando in the summer, remember that the city, at that time, has long lines and quite heat. Malls and outlets have air conditioning, so at least that part will not be a problem. But inside the parks, have always a sunscreen and a cap, which are very important, in addition to drinking plenty of water during the day.

Spring and Autumn weather in Orlando

The best times to travel to Orlando, thinking about the climate, temperature and the number of people in the city, are spring and autumn. Respectively, they are the months of March, April and May, and those of September, October and November. In these months, the temperatures are great and climate is very pleasant. It is not as hot as summer, nor as cold as winter. In addition to having the best temperature, you can get daily rates and low season prices, which is great. It also takes shorter queues at the parks!

Spring and fall in Orlando

Tips to make the most of your trip to Miami

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Miami by night

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How can I use my phone in Miami?

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Using your mobile at Miami

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