Little Havana in Miami

Little Havana in Miami is a Cuban neighborhood that makes you feel like you are in Cuba. The Calle Ocho region, where the main Cuban attractions in Little Havana are located, has several restaurants with delicious typical Cuban food and other Latin cuisines, such as Peru. Find out more about Little Havana in Miami.

Little Havana in Miami

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Information about Little Havana in Miami

Little Havana in Miami is one of the great neighborhoods you can visit in the city. Maximo Gomez Park is an excellent place to go in Little Havana, a park for domino players to spend the day playing, which is very common in Cuba.

Little Havana has several stores and even a Cuban cigar factory with affordable prices for those who like cigars and cigarettes. It’s a very cultural neighborhood, similar to Wynwood Walls in Miami. The region also has many tents with souvenirs and handmade souvenirs at great prices.

Information about Little Havana in Miami

Every last Friday of the month, a beautiful art festival takes place in Little Havana in Miami, showcasing all of Cuba’s culture. It’s called Viernes Culturales and brings together artists and art exhibitions, all for free. In addition to the art galleries, there are live music shows. This is a very fun and cheap itinerary option.

Information about Little Havana in Miami

In the second week of March, the annual Calle Ocho festival in Little Havana takes place, which is a show with music, drinks, and lots of typical food. Little Havana is about 20 minutes from Miami Beach and really close to Downtown Miami, making it easy to get to and close to everything.

Where to eat at Little Havana in Miami

One of the main things to do at Little Havana in Miami is to eat the typical Cuban cuisine. A few tips include the Versailles restaurant, which is super traditional, open since 1971. It’s very popular and has typical dishes like ham croquettes and Cuban sandwiches.

It’s also worth checking out Ball & Chain, a retro-decor bar that’s been around since 1935 and plays live music with jazz and salsa rhythms. If you want dessert, don’t miss the Azucar Ice Cream parlor, with different flavors like guava, Cuban vanilla, and latte. You can’t leave Little Havana without trying an authentic Cuban coffee, or a Guarapo, if you prefer something less potent.

Where to eat at Little Havana in Miami

Historical tips for Little Havana in Miami

As we said, Little Havanna in Miami is full of galleries and traditional Cuban art, and you can do cultural tours to explore them. We recommend the Cuba Ocho Museum and MDC’s Tower Theater. Cuba Ocho is like an antique shop, with a bar and live music. It has Cuban art and objects dating from 1800 to 1960. MDC’s Tower Theater is a cinema that opened in 1926 and was very popular in the 60s. It’s worth checking out.

Historical tips for Little Havana in Miami

Tips to make the most of your trip to Miami

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Using your phone in Miami

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Using your mobile at Miami

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